The Invisible Woman
From Invisible to Visible
Creating a New You in just 3 Days


You are Invited to Become the NEW YOU.


READ ON as this is not just another retreat, workshop or seminar.


This 3 Day Retreat is devoted entirely to YOU and for YOU to be Amazing.


The 3 Days are interactive, fun and motivating.


These 3 days will leave you in no doubt of your goals and your ability to achieve those goals. 

To be, do or have all that you desire.


Are you ready?


I ask you this because you will not leave this retreat the same person as you arrived.


This retreat is based on the best seller “The Invisible Woman”.


I look forward to working with you PERSONALLY.


You are AMAZING.


Love Judythe x


Who Should Attend?


I want you to think back to when you turned 50.


Did you feel old?


I thought I was old.  I couldn't quite get the idea of being 50, straight in my head.


Do you think about age?


You may not be 50 you may be in your 40s and heading to the magic 50.


Does the thought of being 50+ excite you or frighten the daylights out of you?


Does 50 have that ring to it?


Does it make you start to feel insecure?


I’m asking you these questions because, it is at this time in life, that we begin to start looking at our life so far.


You have your family around you and you love them to life. 


Now here is the BUT….


You start to think about, “What have I done?”  “What have I really achieved?”


You've always had a good job, worked all your life, retirement is looming on the horizon, the years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye.


Where did they go?


Life, as we know, is full of turmoil, a lot of things with family, relationships, marriages.  It has all been a bit of a roller coaster.


Have you been or maybe you still are, the person who has to fix everything.  Are you, as I say,

“The fixer upperer?”


Does everybody else’s needs come first?


Do you really think about your own needs at all?


Do you even know what they are?


Do you tell yourself, "In another five years, I’ll change things, have that dream holiday, take time for myself, be more financially independent.  Just five more years, to get the things I want, be where I want to be."


Has that five years come and gone maybe twice?  And twice more.


And now you are up to 60.


Do you feel older at 60 than you did at 50?


Where did those years go?


And now the question starts to rear its head again.  “What have I done?”  “How do I feel about life?”


Maybe this is where you start asking yourself, where do I fit, in all of this?


You are watching your family achieve, your grandchildren grow up, even loved ones around you, pass away - too soon.


Are you nervous?  Is there fear?  All normal feelings, by the way.


All the things that you were told and taught over the years growing up.  You were told that once you reach that magic age it is time to think about getting married and starting a family. You didn't think about what that really meant, and what the responsibility was with that.  You just did it, because your so called ‘biological clock’ was ticking, so you did what they said.


You had your children, the years raced by and now we are 60, and now we are starting to think, "Who am I?" Who am I in all of this? Who am I in my family?


Then they start to not think about you, or don’t visit, or don’t call.  Or they ring and say, "I’m just checking in."


Are they really checking in, or is that just something they feel they ‘should’ do?


So, they phone, and they say, "I'm just checking in, Mum."


That's lovely, and it makes you feel good.  You get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling as if somebody's just thrown a blanket around you, and you think, "Oh, gosh. I'm so loved."


Don't worry, I haven't slipped in the shower, you say.


There's really not a, "Hey mom, what are you doing? How are you managing?" Because you've always been this really self-sufficient person that nobody needs to worry about.


It's not their fault, because you put it out there.


You don't want to be a bother, you want to be this really independent person, "Look at me, I'm good." It's almost like you're trying to prove that you're achieving things just like they are achieving things, because you're the matriarch.


You are the eldest in the family, you started all this off.  But somewhere, they got better and better.

It shouldn't be they're better and your lesser.  There just isn't much evidence to make you feel that you're worthy, that you have something to give.  When you open your mouth it's, "Oh mum, you don’t know".


You now find yourself out there, invisible.


You are part of the Invisible Woman Generation.


You need to change that.


You no longer need to wait for the magical journey to begin.  It starts right here.  Right now.


The Magical Journey of, "Who am I NOW?"  Who do I want to be?  Where do I want to go?  Come and discover YOU.  Uncover your secret desires, needs and wants.


If any of this sounds familiar, then you are who this retreat was designed for. 


You are the woman we are looking for.


We can help you become the NEW YOU, and that's a PROMISE.



Program Outline


Day 1


The first day is about discovering just how amazing you are.  You will learn how beliefs and perceptions are formed.  How we have spent all our lives living on automatic, even though you may not realise.  You will also learn how the past is the present and also the future.


Nothing is going to change if we continually do the same thing, day after day as we have always done.  Getting the same results, living the same reality. The first day is all about changing your beliefs, so you can create the ‘New You”.


A full day that will take you off automatic and put you back in the driver’s seat.


Body and Mind is the second part of the day.  This section is all about how our thoughts have been taken over by the body and are no longer from the mind. We will cover DNA and Genes and our belief around disease, and our environment.


This day is broken up into two parts, the topics are very focused as they are the foundation for the next 2 days. You will be doing the various journaling exercises, as writing impresses deeply on the subconscious.


Day 2


Energy and Matter and how this applies to the Body.  We will take a quick walk through the history of Newton and Descartes. How did we arrive at matter, what was the discovery around energy? What did Einstein contribute?  We will talk about the many researchers and scientists that have played a major role in discovering energy and how this has led to The Quantum Field which we will talk about next.   You’ll discover what energy has got to do with Creating your own Reality and how it affects the body.  You’ll uncover what Genes it turns on.


We will then cover the Chakras and the fields that are part of our energy system such as Ethereal, Causal, Etheric and Consciousness. Energy is explained in detail as it is a major part of how we Create the Reality that we want.


The Quantum Field is the field where all possibilities happen. This section gives you time to get your head around the invisible. You will discover, what your potential is and what you need to do to tap into this potential in your life.


Day 3


You will discover Meditation and why we meditate.  You’ll uncover how to view meditation.  You will learn how Meditation eliminates stress and how Meditation creates magic in your life. There will be two meditations in this session, one in the morning which is for around 22 minutes and one before the day finishes. There is also a meditation/healing for the Chakras (the Energy centres in the body).


Meditation is the vehicle for entering the Quantum Field, where we not only create our future, but where all possibilities come from including healing.


The final session is The Heart and The Mind.  You’ll discover how the heart and mind communicate and how the heart plays a big part on how we view our life, our health and general wellbeing.  You will learn the Heart Lock-In Technique.  An invaluable technique when practiced daily.  The Heart Lock-In Technique changes your base line.




Your investment for the 3 Day Residential Retreat is $3000 and includes all materials for the retreat, accommodation, and meals.




Day 1


8.30am for registration and a cuppa so you can meet everyone.

Retreat begins at 9am sharp.

10.30am Morning Tea (20 minutes)

12.30pm Lunch (1 hour and 10 minutes)

3.30pm Afternoon Tea (15 minutes)

5pm Finish

7pm Dinner


Day 2


Breakfast 7.30am

Retreat begins at 9am

10.30am Morning Tea (20 minutes)

12.30pm Lunch (1 hour and 10 minutes)

3.30pm Afternoon Tea (15 minutes)

5pm Finish

7pm Dinner


Day 3


Breakfast 7.30am

Retreat begins at 9am

10.30am Morning Tea (20 minutes)

12.30pm Lunch (1 hour and 10 minutes)

3.30pm Afternoon Tea (15 minutes)

5pm Finish – Closing Ceremony


All dates for 2020 are on our events page.


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