What is it that drives us to ask questions about who we are and why are we here?


Why do we feel so helpless, out of control and definitely not achieving what it is that we want?


Judythe has worked for many years with thousands of people worldwide to help them discover some of these answers.


Judythe makes you feel safe, her style is unique, and you know when you meet her that your life is about to change.


Judythe’s goal is to empower each individual to feel good about themselves.


Her work has taken her on many a journey. Her background as a Psychic Medium, Metaphysician, Numerologist and Transpersonal work is extensive.


She invites you to let go of limiting beliefs and have the courage to believe that you can create all that you desire.


Judythe is a highly respected speaker, best selling author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and consultant on all things Death, Dying and the Afterlife.


To find out more about Judythe and her work visit www.invisiblewoman.com.au


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