Judythe’s is foremost a Psychic Medium, she has an extensive background as a Celebrant, Funeral Specialist, Heart Math Trainer, Business Mentor and Afterlife Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Judythe is a highly respected speaker, Best Selling author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and consultant on all things Death, Dying and the Afterlife.


Judythe is an excellent choice for families looking to say farewell to their loved one.




There is growing evidence worldwide to support and expand our notions of mortality, offering Possibility, hope and comfort to those that have lost their loved one.


My work I believe offers help with the struggle of faith, death and the existence of the Afterlife. Understanding our fear of death then we can properly prepare for “The Final Journey”. Could death simply be a transition that when understood allows us to live more fully, peacefully and happily in the Now?


I have spent many years in the Funeral industry and believe that the service I am now able to offer is of the highest quality and tailored for the family and their needs.


Another area that we are conscious of and believe we can be of enormous assistance is in the area of Grief. My background is of enormous assistance to families. We are proud to be able to offer a follow up program to assist with grief.


I would personally like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and I look forward to being able to offer the same professional service in the future.


"I can’t take your grief away but I can walk with you and gently guide you through this difficult and emotional time." Love Judythe


To find out more about Judythe and her work visit www.invisiblewoman.com.au


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