I was speaking at a function in Melbourne, and in walked this incredible woman. With a hat!

You don’t see that every day.

I felt a very strong connection before my presentation, during my presentation and after my presentation.

Naturally, we went for coffee afterwards together, so we could talk some more and get to know each other better.

We talked about everything in life. Fascinating life, incredible person, passionate, fierce, amazing.

I had a fabulous time. I love meeting incredible woman. Doing amazing things.

During our conversation, she mentioned she had a twin.


A Twin.

How fabulous.

I was fascinated.

How could there be another one of these fabulous creatures in the world?

She mentioned that the work I did could be a good match for her sister and promised to give her my details.

So, I waited.

I crossed my fingers and hoped that the universe would deliver me the other half of this spirited strong character.

As expected, I got the call.

We talked, we connected and we made plans to meet.

We had a fabulous lunch and talked about all the wonderful magical things; this world has to offer.

Since that first lunch, I have worked with Judythe and got to know Judythe on a much deeper level.

I have met her two dogs, her turtle and been through her beautiful new home.

We talk every day. She is sparkly and magical.

She is generous, sweet, compassionate, gentle, sensitive and now my lifelong friend.

The universe gave me her twin.

Her twin was my bridge over to Judythe.

My destiny was to help her to bridge her knowledge and wisdom over into your world.

I now pass my Judythe onto you.

Enjoy the journey of her teachings.

May your connection with Judythe be as magical as mine.

Thank you Spirit for bringing her into my life.

You can never have enough Guardians on this Earth to travel with.

It is my great honour to call Judythe my Angel on Earth.

May she prove to be yours as well.

Love and Light

Katrena Friel

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