I would not have written this book without my amazing Coach and Mentor Katrena Friel.

Katrena was introduced to me through my twin sister Wallis, many thanks Wallis. Katrena has been my inspiration, she has kept me on the straight and narrow and wouldn’t let me progress through our set program until I had written the book. Her patience with the many drafts and discussions have been invaluable.

When I thought about who to acknowledge I realised that there were so many wonderful people along the way. Special thanks to my daughter Natasha who constantly encouraged me while I was writing this book.

To KerryAnn Burns and Sandra Bishop who are not only work colleagues but very dear friends that have listened and supported me not only through writing this book but through my time in the funeral industry. Many thanks.

Where would I have been without the many coaches, mentors and teachers over these last decades. The researchers and authors who give freely of their knowledge and expertise. These people are too various to mention.

I must thank my thousands of clients over the years for putting their trust in me.

I also would like to thank all the families over this past decade that have allowed me into their homes, their lives and the lives of their deceased loved ones. I have been privileged to present their loved one’s life stories, to be able to help with their grieving and loss.

My special thanks to those on the other side for their incredible help and their wonderful messages for loved ones left behind. I have laughed and cried at their stories and learned how persistent they can be when they want to get their messages across.

And finally, to Spirit and my life’s experiences so far. I am in awe of this amazing life we have been given and how the adventure continues if we can only learn to embrace and savour every day with gratitude. I thank you for your guidance.

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