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Judythe Barret-Croxford

CEO | Founder at The Invisible Woman

Author | Speaker | Mentor

Intuitive Medium | Therapist

Based in Melbourne, Australia


Work History and Experience


Invisible Woman

Author | Speaker | Coach | Mentor | Trainer | Consultant

June 2019 - Present (10 months)



The Invisible Woman From Invisible to Visible.


Discover how to live a life of surprise and delight. 


For the Invisible Woman of that generation that lived for everyone else, but themselves.


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For those women who have always been really self-sufficient. The person that nobody needs to worry about. So they don’t. You’ve turned 60 and you now have watched everyone else around you achieve amazing things and secretly you feel disappointed in yourself, your life. You find yourself out there, invisible.  For the generation of Invisible Woman that are now ready to be seen. But how? This is the community you’ve been waiting for. We call it 'The Community of Elders'.


Your Magical Journey can now begin.


The Journey of 'Who am I?'


This journey, this community, this movement is about helping you.  Helping you to realise and understand, that there is so much more to life.  We'll touch on the afterlife because it's all one. It doesn't end at the so-called dying that we've all been taught is an ending. Judythe will be your Guide.

It's Not Goodbye

International Psychic Medium

World Renowned Author and Speaker


Educates the curious that the AfterLife and this Life are ONE through her magical 12 step Learning Experience. 


Judythe is both a natural born mystic and a scholar in AfterLife studies.  She has been a professional Intuitive Medium and Therapist for over 4 decades offering workshops throughout Australia and now the World.


Judythe is a highly respected speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach, mentor and consultant on all things Life, Death, Dying and the AfterLife. 


As part of The Invisible Woman Generation herself, she is now teaching women around the world how to live, now they are free from the shackles of their upbringing. 


Judythe now invites you into your next chapter.


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Funeral Industry

Funeral Celebrant

1997 - Present (23 years)


I have for a number of years pursued further studies and research relating to the Afterlife. I am currently working with the Funeral Industry in helping families who have lost loved ones with their grief and the ability to be able to move forward in a positive way. I have worked with families for over 23 years.

Accenture (Formerly Anderson Consulting)

Manager Customer Service

January 1996 - January 1999 (3 years 1 month)


Upon appointment in this position my duties included:


• Set up administrative support for Anderson Consulting (Accenture) Senior Management

• Drove efficiency and effectiveness of support activities• Reduced service times and increased service offerings within pre-existing budget

• Being responsible for customer service on a face to face basis

• Writing a Service Level Agreement

• Ensuring statistics were kept and identifying clients’ needs to ensure a standard of Proficiency and Professionalism

• Liaising with staff on a day to day basis


Leading Edge Natural Products

Project Manager

July 1994 - May 1996 (1 year 11 months)


During this period, I was self-employed, I consulted to an Adelaide based company that specialised in importing leading edge natural products from the US.

• Achieved sales of $30,000 in the first 60 days of operation

• Expanded sales team to triple revenue

• Established marketing materials, and marketing plan

• Coaching and monitoring new distributors on a daily basis

• Ensuring sales objectives were met, statistics were kept

• Briefing on campaigns

• Face to face sales

• Liaising with distributors to meet a high standard of proficiency and professionalism to improve sales techniques, as well as identifying and analysing needs

• At the end of the two years the company was sold


Telecom Australia

1 year 8 months

Manager Telephone Plus

October 1993 - April 1994 (7 months)


Upon appointment to this position, my duties included:


• Being responsible for ensuring that Telecom consumer sales strategy is reinforced and supported in all training programs

• Provide coaching development support to the region and the NTC sales team

• Advice and council to other consumer sales and marketing manager

• Content review of all courses and frontline

• Region and NTC telephone plus support and consultation

• Coaching development program management

• Telephone plus course maintenance

• Specifications and design for the SCS an NTC training centres

• Recruitment and assessment for new candidates

Training Instructor

Training Department National Telemarketing Centre

January 1993 - October 1993 (10 months)


Upon my appointment to this position, my duties included:


• Training groups of new trainees from induction to Telecom through to product knowledge, selling skills, customer service training and basic computer knowledge

• I held the position of Training Manager for five months of this time.  On completion of this training, the new trainees are then able to take up their positions as Telemarketing Representatives in the National Telemarketing Centre.


Supervisor - National Telemarketing Centre

September 1992 - January 1993 (5 months)


In my initial assignment at Telecom in the National Telemarketing Centre, my duties and responsibilities included:


• Supervision of between 20 and 60 staff

• Making outgoing calls to quality lists, or as part of the customer retention program, or together market research data and make calls to existing customers or new enquiries

• Respond to incoming calls resulting from residents and business direct mail which could result in a sale a lead or dispatch of media and/or general advertising campaign

• Briefing campaigns

• Liaising with staff on a day to day basis

• Ensuring sales objectives were met, statistics were kept

• Monitoring of staff to a high standard of proficiency and professionalism to improve sales techniques, as well as identifying and analysing needs

• Teamwork was a critical factor in the success of this unit


Recyc-Link Australia

Project Manager

1989 - 1992 (3 years)


During this period, I was self-employed, setting up and running a company called Recyc-Link Australia Pty Ltd. Recyc-Link is an environmentally friendly organisation, mainly specialising in education and the recycling of paper products.


My principal areas of involvement included:


• Day to day running of the business

• Financial matters

• Education and training of clients with reference to paper recycling

• Design and marketing of a recycling system specifically targeted at schools



Business Consultant

1989 - 1992 (3 years)


• Seven months on the initial set-up of Customer Service Representatives in a call centre environment

• My position was to liaise with senior management of Transurban in the area of escalations responsibilities were to problem solve on a daily basis

• My responsibility was to problem solve on a daily basis

• To ensure that some 300-400 emails daily from customers were answered to a high level of satisfaction

• Set up a support team to ensure continuity and professionalism in problem solving was achieved


Westgate Travel Worldchoice

Senior Travel Consultant

1984 - 1988 (4 years)


Whilst employed at Westgate Travel, my duties included:


• Marketing of Travel packages

• Organising for group bookings and commercial clients

• Liaison with clients, airline companies and trade colleagues

• Conference organisation

• Face to face sales



Conference Organiser

1982 - 1984 (2 years)


Wayne Berry and Associates is involved in presenting International speakers to the Australian Market. As a Conference Organiser, my duties included:


• Liaison with clients

• Organising the conferences including venues, catering, seating, etc.

• Administration

• Customer service

• Face to face sales


The Holiday Company

Travel Manager

1979 - 1982 (3 years)


When I initially joined this agency, it was unfortunately having financial difficulties.  My role included making it a financially viable.


• Employing staff and relocating the agency to smaller premises

• Organising conferences

• Reporting on profitability

• Liaison with clients, airline companies and trade colleagues

• Marketing of travel packages

• Organising travel for group bookings and commercial clients

• Obtain accreditation with various airlines, coach companies and other travel companies

• Financial matters

• Face to face sales


JM Travel


1976 - 1979 (3 years)


As a proprietor of my own agency, my principal areas of responsibility included:


• Setting up the agency premise

• Employing staff

• Organising conferences, holidays and various aspects of travel

• Liaison with travel colleagues, clients and airlines

• Financial matters

• Obtaining accreditation with various airlines, coach companies and other travel companies

• Face to face sales



Personal Assistant to General Manager

1973 - 1976 (3 years)


During this period, I worked as a Personal Assistant to the General Manager of a large truck manufacturer. My duties included:


• Organising meetings and conferences

• Liaison with clients

• Typing

• Personal tasks for the General Manager




Australian Academy of Hypnotic Sciences

Diploma Holographic Hypnosis

Australian Academy of Hypnotic Sciences

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Barbara Brennan (USA)

Therapeutic Touch

Dr A Botkin (IADC)

After Life Therapist


Dr Tad James

Time Line Therapy

Heart Math Institute (USA)

Heart Math Trainer

IKON Institute

Diploma Transpersonal Counselling and Therapy

The International Federation of EM Practitioners

EM Practitioner

University of Melbourne



William Angliss School of Food Trades

Field of Study Food Science and Technology


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